Our promise comes from the heart and grass rooted within our core values of Our Magical Culture, Our Magical Touch, Our Strategic Vision, Our Values, Our Priorities, Our Operating Principals, and Our Leadership Principlals that embrace and encourage more Trust, Innovation, Customer Success, and Equality.

Our Magical Culture

iHug embraces rich and diverse people to leverage the collective mixture of individual differences and similarities, which will improve our business outcomes, workforce, marketplace and communities.

We all have inherent characteristics such as age, religion, national origin, disability, sex, gender identity, culture, sexual orientation and physical appearance, When mental barriers are created by judging others for any reason, it is not conducive to achieving a world-class environment at iHug. Making judgmental statements or jokes, viewing a team member in a bias way, etc. jeopardizes our culture and the progress of humanity.

As well as values and beliefs from religion, attitudes, lifestyles, political views and many other facets of diversity, Every team member can grow and learn from one another regardless of their inherent characteristics. Together we are stronger, more creative and keep alive our dynamic synergy. We believe diverse teams are better at solving complex problems. They enjoy a more cohesive and uplifting workplace. Where people can openly be themselves that brings the best out in them.

Along with the added experience from our personal and educational backgrounds. We unite with one another in our common goal of changing our understanding of healthcare, not through technology but through our human connection and interactions. Our company’s fundamental strength is to proactively focus on human health through a diverse array of products and services.

Our Magical Touch

We help our users discover a healthier way of life by deliverying health tools that connect and enrich people’s lives.

Our Strategic Vision

Deliver substantially more value than any company in the world by recruiting the smartest people who have deep humanitarian values.

Our Corporate Goal

Create long-term value by serving our stakeholders, taking appropriate risks, and leveraging our trademarks and patents.

Our Values

  • Celebrate People, Life and Love
  • Accountability
  • Inclusive diversity
  • Impact the world
  • Always move fast
  • Technology engagement
  • Deliver happiness
  • Caring, honesty and integrity

Our Priorities

  • Focus on our users
  • Sustainable growth
  • Enterprise risk and return
  • Operational excellence
  • Capital management
  • Technology management

Our Operating Principals

  • Putting our users at the core of our platform
  • Employ user analytics, data science, and state-of-the-art technology to generate growth and attractive economic return
  • Execution strategies based on precision and efficiency
  • Focus relentlessly on objectives that have the greatest impact
  • Hitting milestones by celebrating our employees and their talents
  • Work as a single unit within our enterprise

Our Leadership Principals

  • The best ideas win
  • We drive results
  • We drive ingenuity
  • We lead mobile applications
  • We are here to serve users
  • We develop together